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Stylized Polynesian sculpture & fishhook necklaces

Materials information

To help protect our environment, only sustainable and legal organic materials are used when creating Cabanilla Makau Hawaiian art, sculpture, carvings & fishhook necklaces

Materials of choice begin with rare & beautiful Hawai‘Ian hardwoods such as Koa, Kamani, Ohia, Milo and other species such as Mango, Macadamia, Keawe & more. Other materials include Lāna’i Axis deer antler, *walrus bone, water buffalo bone, Tahitian Black Pearl, gold pearl shell and abalone.

(Due to recent changes in the law regarding the sale and trade of Fossil ivories such as Mammoth, Mastadon and Walrus, usage is now prohibited within the states of Hawai’i & California.)

*To help protect endangered species and marine mammals, only fossil materials are used (when legal).