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Stylized Polynesian sculpture & fishhook necklaces

Custom artwork & projects

Custom work for Fender Custom shop, Fender Guitars USA


Fender Custom Shop Prestige Collection NAMM 2019


Hawai’ian flame Koa wood top Fender Telecaster with hand carved relief Hawai’ian Makau

“The Telecaster features a vintage pickup and rope binding on the hook - the first of its kind on a guitar”

-Fender.com 2019

Work in progress


Fender Custom Shop Prestige Collection NAMM 2018


“The Boardwalk Telecaster is for beach and wood-lovers alike. Inspired by some reclaimed redwood from the Santa Cruz pier, the guitar features a perfectly matched roasted maple neck, as well as a carving of an old weathered boardwalk on the top, by V. Lee Cabanilla.”

-Fender.com 2018

Work in progress


Custom Wall mount angler fish sculpture



12”x17” Koa wood, red abalone, green abalone, black abalone, Paua abalone & gold pearl shell with integrated LED lit lure.

Quick clip video

Work in progress


Custom Pua’a Tusk Pendant


Pua’a (boar) head/tusk pendant featuring Marquesan Tiki relief carving.

5”x2” Koa wood, boat tusk & Swarovski crystals.

Work in progress


Quick clip video